About me

Your beautiful feminine body is a great source of wisdom. Wisdom that you only need to re-member and awake from its current dormant state. What I have to say gives you the experience that triggers those (unconscious) memories.

My work is a combination of knowledge and ancient feminine wisdom. I will help you to disconnect from old patterns and ballast that have been concealed within your body. I will help you heal those pieces and emotions that are still holding you back from fully living and shining your true self.

As a little girl I made witch's potions and told people things they didn't want to hear or simply wouldn't hear at the time. As a woman, priestess, wife and mother it is my mission to bring you back to your true natural self as an empowered woman.

It is my mission that all women find and reclaim their rhythm and cyclical life, women's wisdom, female leadership and unlock their own source energy.

I can imagine that this is not the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for your purpose in life. However, my special skill set is what will make the difference. My way of working is not a well-defined product, but an adventure in a mysterious black box that will bring back flow and joy in your life and it will awaken your sensual and feminine power.

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