Awakening Ancient Wisdom Training

“The pathway to ancient wisdom, feminine power and Divine intuition.”

This training is ideal for any woman who wants to learn how to use her natural gifts of intuition and healing for helping herself or others.

Whether you have little to no experience with your spiritual gifts, healing and sisterhood or if you already had some training or if you wish to cultivate your natural abilities, but need some guidance and a structure to help you go deeper and be more effective.

The only precondition is an open mind and a genuine desire to grow!

You Are Unique and the world needs You to Be

Have you always known you were different but have you been uncertain as how to exactly to step into that role in your life?

Maybe you have feared that doing so would mean that your family and friends would judge you, reject you or that you would have to earn less money or think you had gone crazy.

Or maybe you think that learning and training to be a spiritual leader, healer, witch or priestess is very difficult, that it takes a long time or that only special people born with the “gift” are able to do it.

Most of us are conditioned against listening to the ancient wisdom that lies within us.  We are conditioned to do what is practical, what makes “sense” or what our parents, peers and society will find “acceptable”.

Actually it is this ability to play and “not thinking” that opens the doorway to co-creating with the Divine.

Becoming the intermediary between the physical and spiritual - and one of the Divine Feminine kind - is more about the art of surrender than it is about the skill of control.

My goal is to equip you with my kind of magic, so you can actually use what you learn in the training in your personal life and professional life to be more effective in your work (a.k.a. make more money), enhance or deepen your coaching or healing skills by adding a skill that goes deeper.

“She is sleeping within you, she is keeping your key to ancient rituals and wisdom. Through rhythm, nature and remembering, she awakens and brings your dreams in reality.”

Awakening The Ancient Wisdom Training

A six month training to remember your Ancient Wisdom and return to your nature.

You will have an online program to provide knowledge and prepare you for 6 tranforming initations. After each initiation you will have a personal merge and support call.

These initation are two days events that take place in the woods with the following subjects:

Womb healing: Learn how emotions affect your physical health and why traumatic experiences get stuck in the body and how to heal them; including a personal Womb Healing.

Why Take this Training?

Take this Awakening Ancient Wisdom Training for the following reasons:

  • For personal development: You want to improve and transform your own life, resolve old emotional issues that are keeping you stuck, and learn to connect more deeply with your pure capacities and the source of intuition and healing.
  • For professional development: Maybe you are already a coach or healer or other helping professional and you want to be able to help your clients in a deeper way by addressing the energetic root cause of their issues.
  • Maybe you have always dreamed of becoming a healer, witch or priestess and have been looking for a program to train you and provide you with the right tools.

This training will provide that for you.

Whatever your reasons may be, the skills you will learn in the Awakening Ancient Wisdom Training will help you to gain clarity by having a structural framework from which to do your intuitive work that makes sense and is easy to understand.

What's Included:

6x: 2-day ritual initations (All inclusive, check-in 15h and check-out 11h)

6x: after ritual support calls

6x: Self Paced Online Training Modules over the course of 6 month.

Your Investment is 9999 euro (if you want to pay in instalments, please let me know)

Prices are excl. VAT

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