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From Dark to New Moon Program

Level-up 3-daagse; From Dark to New Moon Program

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Hi Lady!
If you want to give Spirituality a more important place in your Life & Business without falling into vagueness, then this is your place. We, Goedele, Sille and Inge, in all openness share our own processes, our Wisdom and everything we remember with you. And we would like to invite you to do the same here in all Safety and Trust. Because all of us, re-member. This is what we stand for:
* Find direction …
By raising awareness of what we have to do here, with our feet on the ground. Contribute to focused steps arising from Knowing, with a capital K. Translating spirituality into earthly actions to implement them in Life and Business.
*Create space…
For our intuition and creativity and to give the superconscious a place. So that we no longer have to understand what the guidance is that we experience in and around us. So we trust and not see chaos or fog but a sea of ​​possibilities.
* follow our rhythm …
From our natural cycles in order to fully inhabit our body. Feminine flow combined with powerful and vulnerable Leadership. The time is now to take your place and find balance in the subconscious. We need your gift, that you stepped into this life with, to make an impact
The growth that we allow all enterprising women is to create freedom in all areas of life. We provide a sacred circle, Sisterhood and a burning fire on the path to sharing your greatest possible worth.
Welcome to this sisterhood in which we see and support each other in each other’s process above all else.
* Be a Woman, Be a Leader, Be You *
For more information about this event follow the link to our pages.
Love, Inge, Goedele and Sille


  • oktober 5 - oktober 8
  • Les Albres, France

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