Inner Awareness Online

“It’s not a matter of “finding yourself” but remembering who you truly are underneath layers of doubt, fear and judgement.”

In this process we work together to let you remember your personal balance and rhythm.

The golden thread is to discover:

  • what is draining your energy
  • to reduce physical and mental restlessness
  • the emotional and energetic load that got stuck in your body

For your transformation I use intuitive coaching, energetic healing and I give tips and

tricks that are valuable for you to live your life to the full again. I am a (female) cycle expert,

priestess and healer. The tools that I can use during your process are infinite whereby the content may differ from woman to woman and still have a fixed theme.


During this transformation you are “the moving target” and I intuitively feel how which approach we use for each theme.

I allowaward you a healthy and happy life on your terms, for yourself and your relationships.

What’s Included:

  • 4 months of support, with an online session once every 2 weeks
  • Personal in-depth coaching in between if necessary
  • Assignments tailored to your situation every week
  • Healing and advice on mental and physical level where necessary
  • 9 coaching sessions of approximately 2 hours (online)

Golden Thread:

  • 1 Energy work
  • 2 I Am / I Have
  • 3 I feel
  • 4 I can / I wish
  • 5 I love and am loved
  • 6 I speak and am heard
  • 7 I see
  • 8 I know
  • 9 Inner Awareness

During this transformation I am there for you with a high dose of positive energy and a Down to earth approach to let you experience what your body has to tell you. We will take the right steps together to break free of old patterns, emotional load and energetic jammers. You will learn to take charge of your body and thoughts in a feminine way.

You will remember who you truly are and find yourself to BE complete.

What can you expect?

We will schedule 9 online Zoom sessions within 4 months.

Before we start, we’ll have an introductory call to talk about your needs and wishes.

  • feel that you are in charge of how you feel and act
  • have faith in a healthy body and with a healthy mind to grow happy and old
  • live lighter and closer to yourself because, you have become detached from emotional and energetic load.
  • are full of positive energy
  • makes choices the feminine way
  • listens to your body and know what she has to tell you

You will get all the knowledge in my possession to change your current live into your best life in connection with your powerfull feminine wisdom. A life where you trust your inner voice, embrace every part of you with self-love and Reset your energy so you can be self-healing again.


Then let yourself be inspired and be amazed at what you can achieve with this online Inner Awareness Course.

I can’t give you a clear-cut program nor can I perform miracles without your full commitment. Together we start a magical journey to initiate your unique transformation. Even if you don't have clear questions, I know the answers you need to take the steps back home to your female core.

In 4 months you will feel lighter and freer in your body.

Your investment for now and your magical future is € 1.616,00 (or payment in 3 installments of € 606,00).

Prices are incl. VAT


If you have a question or if you want to share your story with me?

Let’s scedule a videocall and have a chat so we can both see if there is a connection.

Be A Woman, Inge

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