To live in connection with nature and the moon


As a child I experienced the rhythm of nature as an established fact. As a child I naturally moved with it. Later in that natural connection was partly lost and in fact I manipulated myself because I had energy for ten anyway. As a mother I became more aware of the seasons and now I move in that natural rhythm again. That means that I am aware of the strength of each season and feel good in all seasons and even look forward to the variety.

In the society in which we live, we are no longer dependent on the seasons.

  • We always have “fresh” fruit and vegetables because we grow them in heated greenhouses or get them from warm countries.
  • We just turn on the light and carry on as if it were still light outside so it doesn’t matter when the days get shorter.
  • Gently getting up and going to bed is disturbed by the stimuli of the media on the telephone and TV, so that we are always fed from the outside without processing this from the inside.

Because of this we miss the rhythm of being active, alternated with periods of rest and reflection. You are expected to always work hard and the focus of society is mainly on the masculine aspect of action, growth and more of everything. We have lost a great deal of the feminine aspect of reflection, repentance and tranquility.

Furthermore, the rhythm of nature also has an enormous influence on how we feel, what we need and what we are capable of. The amount of ultraviolet light, for example, determines our day-night rhythm via the pineal gland in the brain. That means that we tire much faster in winter than in summer, simply because there is less light. But weather conditions also influence our mood and what we can do.

Moving with the rhythm of nature means that you also meet what your body asks for. Every season gives you different aspects in activities, nutrition and energy. Consciously moving along with this means that you bring much more diversity into your life and that keeps you young and vital again. Look at what happens in nature, because that reflects you what you can do yourself at that moment.

The rhythm of the moon is (or used to be) a direct reflection of the female menstrual cycle. This gives me the necessary support in my life and work so that I do not run past myself. That saves a lot of physical complaints because my body does not have to warn me if I do not listen to my internal clock. In the transition you lose that natural, internal lunar time. The external lunar rhythm will then help you to stay in that natural rhythm because it has the same energy as the natural menstrual cycle.

Living in connection with the rhythm of nature and the moon has a further spiritual aspect. Just as your body helps you to transform old issues and to give you direction to what you “need” to adjust in your life. In this way, the rhythm of nature and the moon gives you new opportunities every cycle. In the rhythm of nature and moon, there are eight checkpoints that help you consciously experience the transition of the seasons and phases. Celebrating these checkpoints and pausing gives you the opportunity to BE aware of what nature mirrors. You can therefore consciously initiate and / or let go of things as befits the time in the annual or lunar cycle. This gives you the opportunity to do what you need throughout the year, to develop yourself and to live the life that makes you happy at the moment. And that also saves a lot of physical complaints.

Living in the rhythm of nature and the moon gives you a natural alternation of action and thinking and peace and reflection throughout the year and per moon (d). This also keeps your body happy and vital, so that you will experience fewer complaints and you stay healthy longer.

Be A Woman, Inge

If you want to see more of me I am sharing tips for more connection in my Be A Woman community on Facebook. In this group I want to support your process of connecting with your femininity and cycles in a safe place with like-minded women.

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