To live in connection with yourself


Hormone changes change your “wiring” in your brain.

Due to the rise in hormones during puberty you will find out what makes you you. Do you want to find out for yourself whether the world is what you have been taught. You are going to make decisions that are necessary to find your own experiences and wisdom. Follow your new and revolutionary thoughts. They call this rebellious and stubborn, but this is so desperately needed to change and innovate every generation. The youth makes it possible for us to remain flexible and respond to the changes that the world offers us.

In the menstruating woman, the Mother principle prevails. That means that you are naturally good at nurturing contacts and keeping community, family and family together. You feel a need for care that ensures that “your” children can grow up safely and healthily. Whether or not you have given birth to children, this principle lives in every woman and can also focus on work, garden, animals or projects that are close to your heart.

This “mothering” changes back into the transition to wanting more time for yourself and doing your own things. What you think is important, what makes your heart on fire, that becomes increasingly clear in the process to and from the transition. Because you have less need to “care for”, the need arises to use all your life experience and wisdom for a higher purpose. For that you have to make choices, let go and have confidence in yourself. This is what the process of transition is about spiritually. This is where the real transformation takes place.

After the last menstruation, this anchors and the Wise Woman principle takes over. This one is more focused on serving the bigger picture. The Wise Woman gave direction to the community in ancient times. With all her wisdom, she made sure that the right decisions were made for the benefit of the big picture. And you still see that happening with women who come out of the transition process as a Wise Woman. As a Wise Woman, everything from the life you have lived until now comes together here.

Living in connection with yourself is actually an ongoing process of rediscovering and getting to know yourself. It means that you keep feeling and seeing what is yours and what comes out of society, family and the people around you. It requires that you examine the patterns in which you live and have adopted and that you let go of what no longer suits you. You are no longer who you were 10 years ago, or last week or yesterday.

Listen to your body in this process and use the rhythm of the moon and nature (I will further develop these elements in the coming days). From that connection you can feel where things are pinching, what no longer fits and you can go through the process step by step.

Be A Woman, Inge

If you want to see more of me, I am sharing tips for more connection in my Be A Woman community on Facebook. In this group I want to support your process of connecting with your femininity and cycles in a safe place with like-minded women.

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