Stress the big jammer for connection


In the few thousand years that we have existed in this form as humans, our bodies have hardly changed. However, our lifestyle has changed rapidly in the last hundred years. We have started to eat differently, we live in an unnatural rhythm and we are exposed to a lot more stimuli and synthetic / toxic substances. All of this evokes an almost constant stress response in our body. A reaction in which our hormonal cycle is disrupted because it is naturally intended for short-term stress.

Chances are that this COVID period has also triggered all kinds of survival strategies, protection mechanisms and old patterns in you. Maybe they are not even yours basically, but you have taken them over and made them your own. This periodic stress also has its effect on your internal world. It is this disruption of our hormonal system that results in many physical, emotional and chronic complaints. In addition, physical and psychological stress can accelerate aging.

Hormones affect many systems in your body and also each other. All this goes well as long as there is a harmonious balance between the hormones and the processing of hormones that are no longer needed. This requires a lifestyle that is as natural as possible. And that is precisely what we are so far removed from in our society.

Reducing physical, psychological and emotional stress is very important for a natural and effortless female cycle. Physical stress is caused, among other things, by incorrect nutrition, too little sleep and a wrong movement pattern. Psychological and emotional stress can be caused by many things and often has to do with what you think, patterns that are no longer appropriate and old fears. Processes that mainly take place in your subconscious and often have to do with family history, your youth and what seems to be imposed by society.

All these kinds of things often come up in the period of change such as puberty, motherhood or the transition, but also this COVID period (again) in the form of physical and / or psychological complaints. Because your body is creating a new balance, it is very sensitive to stress. During the menopause, for example, all kinds of things happen in your body because the production of sex hormones changes. That which you have accepted for years and which now no longer feels good, kicks your hormones even more out of balance. Your body is telling you that it is now necessary to heal yourself.

The ideal picture is that the changes are gradual and in a balanced way. In our society this is unfortunately reserved for very few women. Because it therefore seems as if pain and complaints are part of it. I want to tell you that this is NOT the case. All women have the opportunity to enjoy her life in all female phases, without life-disrupting or disruptive complaints.

Be A Woman, Inge

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