Progress and change


There are several stages in a woman’s life where she goes through a change or transformation. Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are examples of transition periods governed by our female hormone cycle. A natural process with an enormous impact on our lives as women. Not only our body changes in these phases, but we also come to life differently.

Awareness and personal development ARE important in all transformation processes to come into harmony with new feelings, emotions and needs. Every transition is another opportunity for progress and a change in your life. Looking at the seasons in nature, the changes in each cycle help to BE, stay or regain vital and healthy.

The transition to the next phase is sometimes a bumpy road and that can be quite difficult. The road is different for everyone, and yet I also see the similarities. If you know what the bumps have to tell you, you will pave the way for a wonderful, new and promising phase of life. However, this does require confidence, guts and courage. The confidence to walk your own path, the guts to surrender to the process and the courage to ask for help when you need it.

Remember that every cycle is a natural process. Let’s not make the female cycle a disease or illness because this process is not always easy. Every woman is unique and has her own pieces to heal throughout her life. However, we can support each other very well by really listening to each other, sharing our experiences and wisdom in a vulnerable way and by lovingly mirroring each other. Take care of yourself and either do whatever it takes for you.

  • Changes show you the patterns that are no longer appropriate, so that you can let them go.
  • Changes help you heal old pain, so that you make room for something else.
  • Progress gives you insight into qualities in yourself, so that you can appreciate or discover them again.
  • Progress gives you the opportunity to live a new phase of your life full, active and vital. A life that fits what you think is important in this phase, what makes you happy and in which you are healthy.

I am going to share with you in the coming blogs four elements that have helped and help me to connect and stay in touch with the cycles in and around me. I also grant you this wonderful process of changing to a more natural connection with your cycles and femininity.

What can you expect?

♥ To Live in connection with yourself.

♥ To Live in connection with the rhythm of Nature and the Moon

♥ To Live in connection with your body

♥ Stress the big jammer for connection

If you want to see more of me I am sharing tips for more connection in my Be A Woman community on Facebook. In this group I want to support your process of connecting with your femininity and cycles in a safe place with like-minded women.

Be A Woman, Inge

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